Getting people through the door.
That’s what design is all about.

Back in the day you’d have relied upon an attractive shop, a welcoming atmosphere, maybe a ‘discount’ sign to encourage customers to view your wares.

Well, today your website is your shop front. Your brochures, your print ads, your business cards – these are your shop front. What do yours say about you?

Do they entice, do they say ‘come on in, this is one awesome business’? They should.

Great graphics, consistent branding, an exciting, easy to navigate website are all a superb start in getting potential customers through your (virtual) door.

So let’s get to work on your ‘shop front’*
*Incidentally, the high street isn’t entirely dead, so if you have an actual, physical shop front, don’t sweat, I offer an entire design/branding package – including signage!
'come in we're open' sign illustration
fiona robertson


I’m Fiona, a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Aberdeen.

I love drawing and creating logos, but most of all I love making my clients’ businesses look fantastic!